Professional therapy services are provided by licensed therapists, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy up to seven days a week. The frequency and types of therapy provided vary depending on the clinical needs of each individual.

Flat-screen televisions are provided in every room and DIRECTV and Wi-Fi are provided for free. We recommend cell phones for anyone that wants a phone in their room. A shared communal phone is also available for use.

Our dedicated kitchen staff work with an experienced dietician to provide a variety of meals and uniquely tailored dietary plans. Every May, we begin our annual barbeque cookouts, which are held weekly until early September. Surprise visits from the ice cream truck add to the fun! The holidays are celebrated with special Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter meals. Mother’s Day tea and Father’s Day breakfast are also fast favorites of our residents and families.

The best time to visit is usually between 9:00AM and 6:00PM. Visiting hours may differ based on the needs of the individual. If a loved one is receiving end of life care, family members may wish to visit throughout the day and night. To help best facilitate your visit, we recommend speaking with Mary or Rhonda in the Activities Department by calling 508-879-6100 extension #1.

In most situations, dogs are welcome to visit. However, we ask that you speak with a staff member first. The dog must be friendly (does not growl/bark/nip,) be kept on a leash and up to date with all vaccinations. If you share a room, we also want to ensure your roommate does not have allergies or a fear of dogs.

We would be happy to discuss potential volunteer opportunities. Please contact Mary Shea, Activities Director at 508-879-6100 extension #1 or email to learn more.

Short-term rehab is usually focused on recovering from a recent surgery, injury, or other health-related event. The goal is often to return home, whether a private residence or an assisted living facility. Long term care is focused on maintaining the highest level of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Rehab therapies may be indicated for short-term recovery or for long-term well-being.

Please Contact us if you have additional questions or would like to learn more about Carlyle House Nursing and Rehabilitation.