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Hospice options that provide comfort and care

The Hospice options that we offer through Carlyle House are meant to provide individuals with compassionate end of life care in a peaceful environment. The team of professionals that work with us at Carlyle House are dedicated to providing a thorough approach to end-of-life care. That includes addressing physical symptoms, social concerns as well as providing spiritual guidance. Everyone on the team understands that it’s important to provide as much comfort to the patient as possible as well as address all concerns surrounding pain management and pallitative care.

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Compassionate End of Life Care

Delivering compassion

The number one goal of our Hospice team is to provide compassion when it’s needed the most.

Peaceful setting

It’s important to provide family with the most peaceful and relaxing setting possible.

Caregiver support

Our philosophy here at Carlyle House is to support both patient and family members during hospice.

Appropriate treatments

Our Hospice teams provide a practical approach and individualized Hospice care.

Hospice care with a focus on dignity and respect

We understand that caring for a loved one during this time can be stressful for the entire family and that’s why dignity and respect drive all our decisions here at Carlyle House. We want to make sure that your family is comfortable with the hospice process and decisions that must be made. We go to great lengths from the moment you contact us to ensure that you are involved in all decisions and understand how hospice helps both patients and family. Together with our medical staff, nurses and other therapeutic clinicians, we create an environment that provides everyone with the dignity that is deserved.

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Please contact our Hospice team today to learn more about our compassionate approach.